Primrose Pointe Subdivision

Primrose Pointe is a 52-acre residential subdivision within the Wasilla city limits. The subdivision layout and master plan were designed to provide affordable residential lots that fit the natural beauty of the land. The master plan was approved by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough planning department while the City of Wasilla approved the public sewer, water, and street designs. This development, when complete, will be mixed use with paved roads, a ten-acre retirement community, approximately sixty single-family residential lots, and twenty multi-family lots.

Homer Harbor Bank Erosion Mitigation

Icicle Seafoods requested our help in determining a design to stabilize the shoreline side of their property along the Homer Alaska harbor entrance. The first step in the process was evaluating the large tidal fluctuations, boat wake speeds, facility discharge, and other issues that contributed to the erosion. The constraints working on the specific site included the continual use of the harbor entrance, and the coordination and approval of several government agencies including the City of Homer, State of Alaska DEC, federal EPA, and NOAA.

Harold Loop Water Improvement District

This neighborhood in Eagle River, Alaska experienced poor soil drainage and very low well water production for several years. The neighbors elected to bring public water into their area to replace the individual wells under a Water Improvement project with Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU). ArcTerra conducted before and after construction well flow and water quality evaluations in order to document any changes that could occur from the excavation and project efforts. Fourteen private wells were evaluated and tested through record documentation searches, field testing, water samples, and laboratory results. A master report was prepared for AWWU and contractor in addition to individual reports that were provided to each of the homeowners in the project area.

Knik-Goose Bay Tesoro

The Tesoro gasoline site on Knik-Goose Bay Road in Wasilla, Alaska was renovated to better serve their clients. The building was razed, the fueling equipment upgraded, the site layout was changed, and the “community well” and septic system were evaluated and then upgraded. A new ALTA lot survey was necessary to tie the many different property surveys in the area together including the State of Alaska right-of-way taking that affected the site. The on-site community well was tested and new plumbing was installed in the new building to correct contamination issues, and provide better access for continual testing and monitoring program to meet ADEC well water standards. The septic system was removed and a new larger system was designed and installed to meet ADEC standards for a public use facility.

Subdivision Drainage Improvements SWPPP

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough (MSB) solicited and awarded a construction contract to improve roadside drainage in the Brentwood Subdivision located in Wasilla, Alaska. ArcTerra was contracted to provide the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the contractor. The federal EPA has established criteria for all construction projects to monitor and minimize pollution of our waterways. ArcTerra provided the certified professionals to develop, monitor, and maintain the SWPPP program to meet the required standards.

Researching and evaluating the drainage system from the actual site, through the local area and tributaries all the way to the outfall in Cook Inlet, was the first step of the project. Using hydrology analysis, best management practices, general construction standards, and local area soil conditions we developed the pollution prevention methods the contractor used throughout the construction period. These practices were essential to establish the appropriate methods of controlling the drainage discharge and the facilities necessary to control any pollutants as required to obtain the EPA notice-of-intent discharge permit, and the MSB project approval.