Option #1 • Provide a deposit of 50% of the total estimated costs within 5 days upon giving us a notice to proceed (NTP). The remaining amount due along with any changes in the estimate will be collected at the property closing if scheduled and paid within 60 days of invoice. There will be a $75 discount for these payments made by check or cash payments made from your checking account.

Option #2 •  We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) as payment and charge only 4% of the payment amount as a handling fee for this service.

Option #3 • Provide full payment at closing subject to the property transaction closing and payment being made within 60 days of invoice. In these cases there will be a 10% handling charge added for all fees and charges paid by ArcTerra on the clients behalf.

While rare, some closings do not occur within the 60-day time frame and the client is unable to pay the invoice as their funds are tied to the closing. In these cases and if no payment has been received or other arrangements have not been made, ArcTerra will file a lien against the property for the full amount due plus an additional $200.00 for filing/ legal fees for the lien. These costs along with any rebilling or service fees will be added to your invoice. Additional costs and fees will be incurred to release and/or execute on the lien.

For projects not in conjunction with the sale of the property, invoice payment is due within 15 days of invoice date. At 30 days any rebilling or service fees will be added to any unpaid invoice. If no payment is received within 60 days of invoice, the fore mentioned legal / lien action will apply.

Any requests for services / fees after a final invoice has been provided will be subject to a 10% charge and require immediate payment prior to submittal of deliverables (i.e. COSA). We’ve had occurrences that these late charges are not making it to the HUD statement and subsequently are at times not being paid. These late requests are heavy on hard costs, such as MOA Rush fees, updated survey and additional water samples (i.e. PIWA) not previously requested. ArcTerra will accept credit card, ACH payment, check / cash for these late requested items.